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Social Media Management Program: Breaking the Social Media Myth

Strategy Overview

Social media has become an important way for business owners and professionals to connect with both new and existing clients.

The relationships built through a value-driven social media campaign can increase customer loyalty and result in increased referrals.

Have a clear web strategy that includes social media The Social Media Management Program helps professionals capitalize on the most popular social media platforms in an organized, consistent manner.

The “voice” is always that of the professional; instead of writing content for you or simply posting promotional messages, Internet Advisor will provide the guidance and prompting necessary to help you achieve a consistent, successful social media strategy.

  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, social bookmarking services, blog maintenance, article marketing, local search & reviews, and classified marketing are just a few of the social media channels that may be appropriate for your practice.
  • Email newsletter and mailing list management and monitoring through your existing opt-in email list service, or an appropriate service can be recommended that complies with the new anti-spam legislation.
  • Website updates to insure your web address remains the authoritative source of information about your practice (if based on our preferred wiki platform). Creation of a new website or conversion of an existing site to a content management-enabled wiki platform is available.
  • Consistent messaging across a variety of Social Media platforms is essential to reach clientele in the avenue that suits them best.
  • The Internet Advisor Client Newsletter identifies trends and offers new ideas to reach and connect with your customer base.
  • Advice on offers, content, contests, and market research to engage your audience and build brand loyalty.
  • Facebook and search engine pay-per-click advertising strategy (full ad management services are available).
  • Regular monitoring of social media platforms to remove and block spam.
  • Google Analytics review (if installed on your site).


  • We will create a look for your newsletter and social media pages that is consistent with your branding and other marketing materials.
  • We will advise on effective social media communications and insure a consistent reflection of your practice online.
  • We will provide guidance for creation of relevant, timely content for distribution through social media channels.
  • We will ensure that it is “your voice” coming through in social media conversations and postings.
  • We will help identify the most effective social media platforms through which to build a loyal audience.
  • We will ensure that your email newsletters are published on a consistent basis, and monitor & report on their effectiveness (if statistics are available through your newsletter service).
  • We will ensure that your website continues to be the authoritative source for information about your practice.
  • We will monitor social media channels as outlined in your service package, and remove/block spam as required.
  • We will advise on paid advertising to enhance online and social media strategy (whether ongoing or in support of a special offer or event).
  • We will monitor and report on effectiveness of social media activities through the use of Google Analytics (if available on your website).
  • We will provide an Internet Advisor newsletter by email.
  • You will provide content in a timely manner. We will create a monthly schedule explaining when content is required, suggest types of content, and provide follow-up emails and phone calls as required to ensure newsletter and social media page updates are produced consistently.

Time is money!  Leverage both with the Social Media Management Program

  • You will monitor relevant social media channels daily, and advise us of any spam or inappropriate content immediately. You will engage in conversations accordingly, and we will provide feedback on ways to improve those conversations. We will provide guidance in responding to negative or unflattering comments.

The Big Myth of Social Media Marketing

The big myth is that marketing through social media is “free”.

A consistent and effective social media strategy requires an investment of time, and one of the fundamental truths in business is, “time is money”.

The Social Media Management Program will help leverage your time, to increase your return on the investment of both time and money in social media marketing.

Be effective, be consistent, and make social networking work for your business or professional practice.

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