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Mt. Konocti Facilitation (SEO Test Page)

Update 26-Apr-07 - #1 Rank for "Mt. Konocti Facilitation"

20 days after posting this page, a link from the Netaphysical blog (part of this site) and a link from my Ryze page, this is now the #1 ranked page for the term "Mt. Konocti Facilitation" in Google.

I'll be writing a case study soon, which will illustrate the basic (but effective) techniques of ranking well for targeted key phrases. It will also illustrate the importance of working with a professional web designer who understands the basic realities of designing an effective web site for your business or organization - it's not just about style or price, but the overall effectiveness and value of any web strategy you invest in.

Russ Jackman

This page is an SEO test for the phrase, Mount Konocti Facilitation / Mt. Konocti Facilitation, to test the impact of an established PR4 site using an obsure search phrase in search engine rankings.

My recent post from Ryze regarding the phrase Mt. Konoctki Facilitation:

The Chamber has a page with the phrase Mt. Konocti Facilitation, and being a very obscure search term almost any reference to that keyword will rank highly (this is one of the big SEO scams out there, where a company promises to get you a "top 10" listing ... the salesperson usually goes away when I insist on picking the phrase, because I can get *any* site a top 10 listing if I get to choose the keyword ... they can't guarantee high listings for a *popular* and competitive keyword that will drive a decent volume of traffic to the site).
The Clearlake Chamber site has a Google PageRank of 4, which is enough to be considered a legitimate site and rank well for such an obscure term. The Squidoo page has a PR of 6, which means it has a better "reputation" with Google and will also rank well. If the page is actually removed (i.e. you enter the page name and get a 404 Page Not Found error), it will be dropped when Google updates. However, if Squidoo continues to serve up a page for the "deleted" lens without returning a 301/302 redirect or 404 error page (it currently shows a message saying the lens has not been created), Google may simply reindex the page based on the current contents. In the meantime, as far as Google is concerned, the page is still there it just has different content. (In other words, you cannot "delete" a Squidoo lens, since Squidoo returns a "Lens not created" page ... instead of sending a 404 error header, it send a 200 OK header so from the search engine's perspective, the page is still there when they try and spider it next time).

Mt. Konocti Facilitation

This photo is Craige, a co-op student that worked with us last semester sitting in my Port Stanley office, with an ALT tag for Mount Konocti Facilitation.

June 20, 2007 - 2nd Place to a "Squidoo" lens? Yes, it can happen though the Squidoo user doesn't own or control their site, and if Squidoo suddenly drops in the rankings or changes their terms of service you can find yourself in trouble!

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